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ID Solution Modified
S20761 On Windows, I receive the following error:Object repository construction failed due to errors encountered by the binder program (bind_so_msvc) 2013-08-20
S20770 When I compile my ETS code, I get an error like 'Cannot include file: ets_api_nt_cback.h'. How can I fix this? 2013-08-20
S20771 Does OPNET have any Firewire models? 2013-08-20
S20779 How must the closure pipeline stage be modified to model an effective earth radius to account for refraction? 2013-08-20
S20780 How can I collect the same statistic in different (multiple) collection modes in the same simulation run? 2013-08-20
S20794 When running a discrete-event simulation, I get the error message:The requested access to a protected file was denied. 2013-08-20
S20796 How can I use pure virtual methods in external C++ declared within a process model? 2013-08-20
S20806 How can I specify statistic and attribute probes? And how can I plot confidence intervals and compare one statistic to another? 2013-08-20
S20595 Error message: Unable to register stat (<stat_name>) 2013-08-20
S20602 My simulation aborts with the error message: List position (x) is out-of-range. What does the error message mean? 2013-08-20
S20812 In my wireless simulation, my BER (bit error rate) statistics when I use the dra_error pipeline stage are different in 9.1 as against later releases. Why is this so, and which value is correct? 2013-08-20
S20811 How can I verify configuration of my compiler for AMD64/Windows64 system? 2013-08-20
S20819 In a Discrete Event Simulation, how do I find all IP addresses on a given node? 2013-08-20
S20612 Does OPNET provide functionality to measure the actual elapsed real-world time (not the elapsed simulation time)? 2013-08-20
S20614 I get the error when running a simulation: could not load symbol (my_pipeline) 2013-08-20
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