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For search tips, read article S16165.

Apache httpd less than 2.4.27 has vulnerabilities CVE-2017-9788 and CVE-2017-9789. (Bug #286625)

SteelHead (Appliance), SteelHead Interceptor, SteelCentral Controller for SteelHead (Central Management Console)
Fixed in Version:
steelhead 9.1.5c, steelhead 9.6.1, steelhead 9.2.3, steelhead 9.7.0, cmc 9.7.0, interceptor 7.0.0
Last Modified:


When under stress, closing many connections, the HTTP/2 handling code in Apache httpd 2.4.26 would sometimes access memory after it has been freed, resulting in potentially erratic behavior.


The value placeholder in [Proxy-]Authorization headers of type 'Digest' was not initialized or reset before or between successive key=value assignments. by mod_auth_digest.

Providing an initial key with no '=' assignment could reflect the stale value of uninitialized pool memory used by the prior request, leading to leakage of potentially confidential information, and a segfault. 


Upgraded to Apache httpd 2.4.27.


Upgrade to a software version with the fix.