Vertica cluster installation fail - <ERROR> <PexpectAdapter: root@w.x.y.z>: login error: PEXPECT TIMEOUT: Could not login with ssh.

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Solution Number: S33734


Vertica cluster installation failure. installer.log showing the following messages:

installer/48490:0x7efce3052740 [SSHConnection._login_loop] <INFO> <<w.x.y.z>> Starting expect
installer/48490:0x7efce3052740 [SSHConnection._login_loop] <INFO> <<w.x.y.z>> Expect complete matched index 0, pattern <class 'vertica.utils.pexpect.TIMEOUT'>
installer/48490:0x7efce3052740 [SSHConnection._login_loop] <WARNING> <w.x.y.z> Timeout encountered while trying to login. Waited for a prompt that we could recognize, but none was found. You may get unexpected results.
installer/48490:0x7efce3052740 [SSHConnection._login_if_needed] <ERROR> <PexpectAdapter: root@w.x.y.z>: login error: PEXPECT TIMEOUT: Could not login with ssh. ssh output: 'Last login: Mon Oct  7 15:43:29 2019 from w.x.y.z.HOSTNAME\r\r\n\x1b]0;root@w.x.y.z.HOSTNAME:~\x07\x1b[?1034h\x1b[0;30m\x1b[1;47m[ABC root @ w.x.y.z.HOSTNAME\x1b[;m ~]\r\r\n\x1b[0;30m\x1b[1;47m#\x1b[;m stty -echo\r\n\x1b]0;root@w.x.y.z.HOSTNAME:~\x07\x1b[0;30m\x1b[1;47m[ABC root @ w.x.y.z.HOSTNAME\x1b[;m ~]\r\r\n\x1b[0;30m\x1b[1;47m#\x1b[;m -bash: PS1: readonly variable\r\n\x1b[0;30m\x1b[1;47m[ABC root @ w.x.y.z.HOSTNAME\x1b[;m ~]\r\r\n\x1b[0;30m\x1b[1;47m#\x1b[;m '

Note: The error message can have different details text.


The issue happens due to unexpected output with SSH connection to other nodes with a user that used for installation. The expectation from Vertica install that the SSH connection would be with clean output, without any MOTD (a "message of the day") or any other changes to the default shell prompt following ssh connection such as output modifications by scripts from /etc/profile.d ()
The above changes should be disabled on all cluster nodes and SSH connection between all nodes (back and forth) should be verified.


Vertica DB cluster installation
Aternity Platform 10.x
Aternity Platform 11.x
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Last Modified: 2019-10-17
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