SteelCentral AppInternals Cluster installer failing with errors - "chown: Invalid group: 'airoot:airoot'"

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We are trying to install SteelCentral AppInternals 10.18.57 on a Linux machine and the installer is failing with below errors towards the end.

What is this error? How do we workaround the issue to complete the installation successfully?


This is a known issue and it is being addressed by Engineering using the bug# mentioned below.
The issue here is with the useradd command which is executed during the installation to create our user called airoot

The issue was observed initially on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.4 (Maipo). However this might happen on other flavors of support Linux environments for cluster setup too.
Please open a new technical support case and provide the details below before doing the steps mentioned below as a workaround

  • Screen shot of the error
  • Output of uname -a
  • Output of cat /etc/system-release


To workaround the issue and complete the installation successfully please do the steps below
  1. Run the uninstall script from /usr/bin/uninstall-appinternals
  2. Make sure the binaries are deleted from the directory where you pointed the binaries to be installed
  3. Remove all folder under the directory which you have used for the data directories to be installed
  4. check /etc/passwd to make sure there are no instances of airoot
  5. check /etc/group to make sure there are no instances of airoot
  6. Reboot the box
  7. Run the below commands as root

    groupadd -K GID_MIN=10000 airoot
    useradd -K MAIL_DIR=/var/lib/airoot -K UID_MIN=10000 -K UID_MAX=10240 -c "Appinternals User"  -s /bin/false -d /var/lib/airoot  -g 10000 airoot

  8. Run installer again and check if the installation finishes successfully.

**Please work with Technical support if you still run into any issues



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