Unable to use 'Custom Time Range' in 'No Login required' dashboards in SteelCentral Portal

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We have SteelCentral Portal with few dashboards that do not need any login. The 'No Login required' option has been enabled for these dashboards. When we access the dashboard we are however not able to launch 'Custom Time Range' option to select the time which we need but instead only able to use the presets.

We are also unable to see the refresh/report options completely in the browser


Custom Time Range for 'No Login required' dashboards work, but it is the top header which is not completely visible making it unable to launch. There are 2 workarounds for the issue.

On the 'No Login required' dashboard which you have you can toggle the Show/Hide top header option to make sure the top header is expanded.

When you toggle option shown above then you should see and also be able to launch the 'Custom Time Range' as shown below

If the option is not convenient and you think it is still non intuitive then you can disable the top header section toggle option completely by changing the 'Global Settings' in Portal
The setting is called "Show No-Login Dashboards in Operations View" which is enabled by default.

To disable the setting you can go to Administration -> Global Dashboard Settings and uncheck the check box

Once you disable the option your 'No Login required' dashboards will load with header by default as shown below. (In the below you can see Refresh and Reports options are also rendered correctly)

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SteelCentral Portal 2.x/3.x
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Last Modified: 2019-05-08
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