How to manually modify a report server configuration file in order for the Transaction Analyzer reports to be listed in the ACE category.

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Currently, the reports generated by Transaction Analyzer are not listed in the ACE category, since the report server groups the reports based on a regular expression for the legacy name ACE. This article describes how to modify a report server configuration file for the reports to be listed in the ACE category


Users will need to update the regular expression for the “Report Set Name” property in the filter_sys_ace.xml config as shown below

<fs:compProperty name="ReportSet">
                <fs:compProperty name="Report Set Name">
                     <fs:simpProperty name="value">.*\b(ACE|Transaction)\b.*</fs:simpProperty>
                     <fs:simpProperty name="type">STRING</fs:simpProperty>
                     <fs:simpProperty name="oper">STR_MATCHES</fs:simpProperty>
<fs:compProperty name="Report"/>

The filter_sys_ace.xml file can be found in the below location
[INSTALLATION PATH]\ReportServer\[VERSION]\jakarta-tomcat-6\webapps\rs\WEB-INF\classes\lib\xml\res\filters\filter_sys_ace.xml

After updating the xml file, any new report sent to the report server is listed in the “ACE Standard and ACE Plus” folder.

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