SteelConnect Manager Cloud-based IP address may change

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As part of regular maintenance and upgrades to back end cloud systems, the Internet IP address of your realm's SteelConnect Manager (SCM) may change.


Because the Internet address of the SteelConnect Manager may change from time to time, it is not recommended to create any firewall rules or routing specific to the current IP of the SCM. These types of rules could break access to the SCM for administrator access, as well as break network connectivity if appliances are unable to reach the SCM for configuration, tunnel authorization and statistics.

If whitelisting of outbound connections for your SteelConnect deployment are required in your environment, you can determine the new IP address by pinging your SCM name (FQDN) after an upgrade/migration operation to determine the new IP address and update your firewalls accordingly.


SteelConnect Manager
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Last Modified: 2019-09-16
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