The Data Protection operation fails due to an Rprovider service restart on the Windows server

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The Data Protection operation fails if you accidentally restart the Riverbed snapshot provider (rprovider) service on the Windows branch server.
SteelFusion Edge reports these errors in the logs:

Jul 18 13:16:07 VSFED edge[51256]: [EdgeServer.WARN] - Returning a snapshot failure for vlun_id='60002AC000000000000169180001263C' :AddToSnapshotSet() failed. Volume name: 'D:\', rv=80042306
Jul 18 13:16:07 VSFED edge[51256]: [PrivManager.ERR] - Snapshot failure for serial = 60002AC000000000000169180001263C. Snapshot failed
Jul 18 13:16:07 VSFED edge[51256]: [mgmt/action/snap/privatesnapcreate.ERR] - protect snapshot on LUN : 60002AC000000000000169180001263C failed with Snapshot operation failed : Error occurred while taking snapshot: Failed to create snapshot, see log for details



The Rprovider service is loaded and started by the Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS). The VSS service maintains the Rprovider handle. If you restart the Rprovider service, VSS will be left with a stale handle and will result in continuous snapshot and data protection failures. Restart the VSS service on the Windows branch server to resolve this issue.
To restart the VSS service, perform these steps on the Windows branch server:
  1. Open services.msc.
  2. Right-click Volume Shadow Copy and select Restart.
Alternatively, you can run the Restart-Service vss CLI command on the Windows PowerShell.
The snapshot operation should succeed after restarting the VSS service on the server.


SteelFusion Edge
SteelFusion Core
Windows branch server
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Last Modified: 2018-12-14
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