How To Update Aternity if Dashboards Server Hostname or IP Changes

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This article goes over how to update Aternity if the Dashboards server hostname or IP changes.
Before beginning, on the Dashboards server stop the following in the listed order:
  • AternityTableauGateway service
  • Aternity Dashboards Server (Start > Programs > Aternity Dashboards Server > Stop Aternity Dashboards Server)
On the Dashboards Server
  1. Open \data\AternityTableauGateway\
  2. Edit the line: tableau.ip= and update the hostname
  3. Save and close the file
  4. Start Aternity Dashboards Server
  5. Start AternityTableauGateway
On the Management Server:
  1. Launch \data\Aternity\ConfigTool.exe as administrator (right-click > Run as Administrator)
  2. Select Tableau Dashboard Loader
  3. On the Tableau Integration screen, update the information with the new hostname and click Next
  4. Choose your site
  5. Choose Install Dashboards Shipped with the Installer
  6. Let the dashboards install
Once complete, log into the Aternity console and verify the dashboards are visible.
This applies to Aternity Platforms:
NOTICE: Riverbed® product names have changed. Please refer to the Product List for a complete list of product names.
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