SteelFusion Software support for Clariion CX4 storage

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EMC announced EOA (End-of-Availabilty)  for Clariion CX4 in 2011 and they have annouced EOSL (End-of-support and life) for Clariion CX4 for December 2016.  As a follow-up, software Support for Clariion CX4 in Steelfusion will be discontinued in the next 4.x major release in SteelFusion Core.

Link to EMC  EOA and EOSL notices:



The Clariion CX4  has reached end-of-life status as announced by EMC, which means they are no longer orderable from EMC and no longer supported directly by EMC on December 2016.   Consquently, Riverbed will have to discontinue the Software Support in the next SteelFusion major release (4.x) to align with this announcement.

To maintain SteelFusion storage array of Clariion CX4 for regular iSCSI and FC protocol access, please plan ahead to move to the newer VNX platform or a SteelFusion Supported Storage system found  in the 

SteelFusion Interoperability Matrix


Which version of SteelFusion software will support Clariion CX4?

All SteelFusion software versions prior to 4.3.x.  Any SteelFusion software 4.4 and above will not support Clariion.


Whats the reason for discontinuing SteelFusion Software support of Clariion?

EMC announced EOA for Clariion CX4 back in 2011 and have announced EOSL (End-of-support and life) for Clariion CX4 effective December 2016, therefore, Riverbed Software support will need to end in the next SteelFusion 4.x major release to align with EMC EOSL. Any Software issues and bugs that arise  in 4.4 and above due to Clariion will not be support or fixed.


Where can I find the EMC EOSL announcement?

EMC EOA and EOSL notices to their customers is found here:

What’s the last Hardware and Software support for Clariion in SteelFusion?

  • Last supported SteelFusion SW version: 4.3.x
  • Last supported SteelFusion HW version: SteelFusion Gen 2 platform


What version of Clariion CX4?

Clariion CX4 version:


Where can I find the SteelFusion Supported Storage system?

The SteelFusion Supported Storage system is available in the  SteelFusion Interoperability Matrix


What's the Migration Plan?

EMC has sent notices to existing customers to migrate to the newer VNX platform and are advised to follow EMC’s guidance to migrate off the older CX platform.

Any Customer who migrates data off SteelFusion as they migrate data from Clariion CX4 to newer storage platforms should contact and work with Riverbed Support or Riverbed Professional Services.


Will an upgrade to SteelFusion 4.4 and above impact my Storage Configuration?

Some functionality may be impacted, so it’s recommended Customer make plan for migration prior to upgrading SteelFusion. 






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