How to purchase Modeler under University Program?

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 The Modeler Academic Edition is available free for academic and research usage. This free version offers a scaled down feature set of Modeler for academic use at no cost. Deatail about the features not included can be found in S24443 - What are the restrictions for Riverbed Modeler Academic Edition 17.5? 



 If you would like to have available a full featured version with specialised modules for Academic purposes, Riverbed Modeler is available under the University Program. 

The University Program Modeler licenses can now be purchased online with a credit card by university customers for research or teaching purposes.

The following link allows purchasing the modules under the Modeler University Program. Modeler University Program Purchase

We do not provide quotes for these purchases. The prices found on the catalog and product pages are the prices we offer for annual subscription licenses for each module/model available under the University Program.


Note that the following guidelines apply to the University Program Modeler licenses online purchase:

  • All modules are sold on an annual subscription basis.
  • When you enter a quantity of licenses to be purchased, pricing will change based on the number of licenses entered. For instance, if you wish to purchase between 5 and 14 licenses, the price associated with that range of purchase will appear, and will be a lower price than that for quantity 1-4 license purchase.
  • The Modeler Wireless Suite (MDW-SUB-UNV) is the base for any Modeler purchase, and must be ordered unless you are adding to a current existing Modeler deplyment and have already deployed a Wireless Suite license.
  • Support is included with annual license purchases.
  • University Modeler licenses must be prepaid with a credit card.

 The attachment includes details about the University Modeler Product.



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