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Riverbed is excited to welcome Ocedo customers to its Support community.  The following FAQ should assist you in answering key questions related to support that will be received from Riverbed.  We look forward to working with you.


What happened to Ocedo?

Riverbed Technology Inc. announced its acquisition of Ocedo on 19-Jan-2016.  The companies will begin delivering technical support as an integrated entity effective 4-May-2016.

Date Activity
19-Jan to 4-May Ocedo customers continue to use Ocedo support site and support phone numbers
4-May-2016 Ocedo customers with existing open support case(s) will receive an email with a Riverbed Support Site login.
4-May-2016 Existing Ocedo support customers will receive Riverbed case numbers
4-May-2016 Ocedo customers may begin using Riverbed support site and support phone numbers

How do I get support for my Ocedo Products?

As of 4-May-2016 Ocedo customers will need to reach out to Riverbed’s support team to receive support on Ocedo products.

Riverbed's support contact details are listed below.

Will Riverbed honor my Ocedo support contract?

All existing Ocedo support contracts will be transitioned to the Riverbed “Gold” support level package.  Descriptions of the support packages can be found at Support Plans. The following is a brief summary:

Support Level Description
Silver TAC / Software Upgrades / Parts Exchange - Return to Factory
Gold TAC / Software Upgrades / Advanced Replacement Parts Exchange - Next Business Day 1
Gold Plus TAC / Software Upgrades / 4 Hour On-Site Parts Delivery 2
Platinum TAC / Software Upgrades / 4 Hour On-Site Parts Delivery and Field Technician /Annual Service Review
Software Only TAC / Software Upgrades

1 Extended delivery time will be experienced for some international locations
2 Not available in all locations. Response times and hours of coverage vary. Contact your Riverbed sales representative to verify coverage.

If you would like to review options to upgrade your support to Riverbed’s Gold Plus or Platinum service level support offerings, please contact your sales representative. Please see http://riverbed.com/supportservicedescription for more details on Riverbed’s support offerings and service levels.

How will I get replacement units in advance of a return?

Riverbed adheres to service level agreements agreed upon in purchased subscription and associated support contracts.  All existing Ocedo customers will be transitioned to the Riverbed's Gold support service level package, which includes advance replacement services. Please see http://www.riverbed.com/supportservicedescription for more details on Riverbed’s support offerings and service levels.

Are the Gold Plus and Platinum support levels available worldwide?

Gold Plus and Platinum offerings may not be available in all geographies.  If you are interested in upgrading your service level to Gold Plus or Platinum, please contact your Sales representative. www.riverbed.com/contact

What is the primary language that will be used when calling in for support?

English is the primary language for communication on support cases; however, select members of the Support team can also speak many other languages such as Arabic, Armenian, Cantonese, Czech/Slovak, Dutch, Farsi, French, German, Gujarati, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.

Riverbed will provide language support on a best effort basis.

How do I obtain a Riverbed support website account?

On 4-May2016 all existing Ocedo customers with an open Ocedo case will receive an email containing a link for access to the Riverbed Support website.  The email will include a request to reset your password to gain access to the Riverbed Support website.

If you did not receive an email or you would like to request additional Riverbed support website accounts, please sign up at the below site:


*To obtain a Riverbed support website account you will need your hardware serial number.

Where can I find my hardware serial number?

To obtain your hardware serial number:

  1. Log into Riverbed SteelConnect Manager (formerly known as the Cloud Console)
  2. Go to Appliance > Overview (this will provide a list of all appliances with the corresponding serial numbers)

What functionality is available on the Riverbed support site for customers?

Support Home Page
Provides easy access to key features of the support site, and current announcements.

Software & Documentation
Provides access to software and documentation for each Riverbed product.

Knowledge Base
Find answers to many support questions and issues in Riverbed’s support knowledge base.

My Riverbed
Provides access to cases, assets, RMA’s associated with your Riverbed account.  Please note some information may not be available on 4-May; we will continue to add information over the coming weeks.

Submit a Case Online
Request technical support from Riverbed.

Will the Ocedo support site remain active after May 4, 2016?

The Ocedo support site will redirect visitors to the Riverbed support site effective 4-May-2016

What will happen to open Ocedo support cases on the date of transition?

All open and historical case content will be migrated to Riverbed’s case management system on 4-May-2016.  Open cases will be assigned a new Riverbed case number on 4-May-2016 and you will receive an email providing the new Riverbed case number.

Where can I find product release announcements?

Product release notes will continue to be available from the Cloud Console now called Riverbed SteelConnect Manager

I am an Ocedo partner.  Where can I get help?

If you are an Ocedo partner that provides support on behalf of your customer, please contact our support partner program at rasp@riverbed.com

Where can I direct questions NOT related to a technical support issue with a product?

For all questions NOT related to a technical support issue with a product, please send an email to: ccare@riverbedsupport.com


Frequently Asked Questions

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