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A portal can be configured in SteelConnect Manager > Network Design > Portals. Given this the portal has to be associated to a WiFi Broadcast in WiFi > Broadcasts > Portal.

If a portal is associated to a WiFi Broadcast the user can self register the device with several options which are explained in the different portal types section.


Portal types:

User Portal (BYOD device registration)

The portal for standard Zones will prevent non-registered Devices from accessing the relevant Network. Only Users who were set up in the SteelConnect with an email address and/or mobile phone number can self-register their Devices with the Portal.

Users can be added manually by an Administrator in SteelConnect Manager > Users or they can be automatically imported and synced with Active Directory/Google Apps (Users > Directory Sync).

Users can register their Devices using the following methods:

  • Email (Users can register themselves via pre-setup user mail address and receive an authorization code via Email)
  • SMS (Users can register themselves via pre-setup user mobile phone number and receive an authorization code via SMS)

Guest Portal - Voucher

  • Batched Vouchers
    • Batched vouchers are pre-generated, so they can be printed and given out to users without system interaction. It is possible to download each batch in CSV format.
    • Voucher Options:
      • Amount of vouchers
      • Time limit - (For how many days a voucher should be valid once it has been activated)
      • Amount of devices - (How many devices (MAC addresses) can be registered to this voucher)Traffic limit (MB) - (Upper traffic limit for a single voucher in this batch)
  • Named Vouchers
    • Named vouchers are created on-occasion. They carry a direct reference to the user, like the real name. Named vouchers are managed in a separate mini-GUI, accessible with a password. This password ONLY provides access to named voucher management for this portal. The voucher can be printed or directly send to guest with email or SMS.
    • Voucher Options:
      • Start and end dates
      • Traffic limit
      • Device limit

Guest Portal - Authenticated

Users don’t need to be pre-registered with the SteelConnect. They also have alternative registration methods to make it easier to accommodate guests.

Guest Users can register their Devices using the following methods:

Guest Portal - ToS (Terms of Service) only

Users must view and acknowledge the terms of service before being allowed on the network.


SteelConnect Manager

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