Use Social Media Apps to self-register guests

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Social Media Apps can be used to register Guest Devices when the Portal is active on a WiFi Broadcast. The Guest Portal can be configured in SteelConnect Manager > Network Design > Portals > New Portal > Type: Guest Portal - Authenticated.

Once the portal is added it can be assigned to a WiFi Broadcast in SteelConnect Manager > WiFi > Broadcasts > Portal.

When configured, Guests can validate themselves with the Social Media App you have configured. Once registered and validated Guest Devices will then be allowed access the Zone. Just a quick reminder that Guest Zones are always masqueraded and have no possibility to be part of the RouteVPN topology. Once a Guest Zone is created it can’t be changed to a standard Zone.

Guest Device Registration is possible using

  • Mobile Number (via SMS)
  • Email Address
  • Social Media Apps (Facebook, Google, Twitter)

Configuring Facebook App

  1. Login to (It might be necessary to verify your facebook account)
  2. Go to the top menu and select My Apps > Add a New App
  3. Use the basic setup link
  4. Choose a clear Display Name like Riverbed Social Wifi
  5. Choose a Namespace like riverbedsocialwifi
  6. Choose a Category
  7. Click on Create App ID button
  8. After successful creation the App is in development mode and is therefore publicly not available. You must have a valid Contact Email specified to make this app available to all users. Therefore navigate to Settings > Basic > Contact Email and enter a valid email address and click the Save Changes button.
  9. Afterwards navigate to menu App Review and switch on public access via the Yes/No button. In the popup window confirm that you want to make the app public.
  10. In the sidebar on the left select Settings > Advanced > Client OAuth Settings > Valid OAuth redirect URIs and insert the redirect URL displayed in SteelConnect Manager (e.g. The redirect URL can be found in SteelConnect Manager > Organization > Social Media > Social Media Apps access parameters
  11. Save your changes
  12. In the Facebook developers sidebar on the left select Dashboard and copy/paste App ID and App Secret to SteelConnect Manager > Organization > Social Media > Facebook Application ID/secret

Configuring Google App

Create a Project

  1. Login to
  2. Select Create Project
  3. Choose a representative Project name e.g. Riverbed Social Wifi
    Note: In case you want to use a different Project ID as the Project name feel free to edit the ID information via edit button
  4. Click on Create to submit the project

Activate Google+ API

  1. In Google Developers Console Dashboard select project Riverbed Social Wifi
  2. From the left sidebar, select API Manager > Social APIs > Google+ API
  3. Click on Enable and proceed by selecting Credentials from the left sidebar
  4. Assign credentials to your project via OAuth consent screen tab
  5. Select a Product Name which will be shown to users e.g. Riverbed Social Wifi
  6. Homepage URL, Product logo, Privacy policy URL and Terms of service URL are optional
  7. Click on Save to store your progress.

Obtain OAuth credentials

  1. In tab Credentials select Create credentials and choose OAuth Client ID
  2. Select the application type Web application
  3. Choose a name e.g. Riverbed Social Wifi
  4. Copy the redirect URL (e.g. from your SteelConnect Manager to Authorized redirect URIs in your Google Developers Console Credentials page
    Note: Your Redirect URL can be found in your SteelConnect Manager > Organization > Social Media > Social Media Apps access parameters
  5. Click on create
  6. A pop-up window with your clientID and secret will be displayed
  7. Copy and paste both values to your SteelConnect Manager > Organization > Social Media > Google Client ID and Google Client secret
  8. Click on Submit to save your changes

Configuring Twitter App

  1. Sign in to
  2. Select Create New App
  3. In field Name add a representative Application Name for the app e.g. Riverbed Social Wifi
  4. Add an Application description e.g. Twitter OAuth
  5. Add your company website e.g.
  6. Insert a Callback URL (e.g.
    Note: Your Callback URL can be found in your SteelConnect Manager > Organization > Social Media > Social Media Apps access parameters
  7. Agree to the Developer Rules and create your Twitter application
  8. From tab Keys and Access Tokens in copy Consumer Key (API Key) and Consumer Secret (API Secret) for further usage in your SteelConnect Manager
  9. Go to SteelConnect Manager > Organization > Social Media > Twitter API key/secret and paste the keys in the respective fields
  10. Click on Submit to save your changes.

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NOTICE: Riverbed® product names have changed. Please refer to the Product List for a complete list of product names.
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