Deploying a SteelConnect Access Point

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How do I deploy a SteelConnect AccessPoint?

  • Login to SteelConnect Manager
  • Navigate to Appliances > Add appliances > Register Hardware Appliance
  • Enter the appliance serial of the Access Point (AP) and select the Site you want to deploy the appliance
  • The AP will attempt to receive an IP configuration via DHCP from the Zone automatically
  • In the WiFi section add your SSIDs first and then assign them to Sites in Broadcast section
  • All APs in a Site will broadcast the SSIDs as configured in the WiFi menu

When deploying an AP into a location without an riverbed Gateway you might want to enable AutoVPN operation for this AP to join the full mesh VPN network.

When booting up, two LEDs (green/orange) of the AP will blink as long as a connection to SteelConnect Manager was established successfully. Blinking will stop in normal operation mode.


SteelConnect Access Point
SteelConnect Manager

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