Use xLAN if you require multiple zones on a appliance in Singlezone operation mode

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When xLAN is enabled for a Site, all Appliances in that Site will use internal GRE tunnels to forward local zones and automatically imported remote zones. The AutoVPN appliance acts as the GRE tunnel concentrator. You will only need to use xLAN if you require multiple Zones in a Riverbed Appliance which does not support VLAN operations on the wire.

A typical use case is to enable an Access Point to broadcast SSIDs on different Zones when it isn’t connected to a switch that supports tagged VLANs.



With xLAN enabled on Site HQ (SteelConnect Manager > Organization > Sites > HQ > xLAN) the Access Point is able to broadcast SSIDs for Zone VLAN 1003 (WiFi) and VLAN 1004 (WiFi Guest) although it is configured in Wired Operation mode Singlezone.


SteelConnect Access Point
SteelConnect Manager

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