FAQ: Transition of the Network Engineering, Operations and Planning (NEOP) Product Line to SteelCentral Network Planning and Configuration Management (NPCM)

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The Network Engineering, Operations and Planning (NEOP) Product Line has been transitioned to SteelCentral Network Planning and Configuration Management (NPCM)

  1. I hear the products have been consolidated. What changes have been made?

    Answer: The products have been brought together to support two primary use-cases:

- Network Planning
- Network Diagramming and Configuration Auditing

SteelCentral NetPlanner and its modules will support the network planning use-case. SteelCentral NetAuditor and its modules will support diagramming and auditing use-cases. SteelCentral NetCollector will serve as the primary network intelligence engine and feed both NetPlanner and NetAuditor.
The old products have been consolidated into new ones as follows:

SteelCentral NPCM Product Transition

Old Products New Products

OPNET NetMapper software
OPNET Sentinel software
(SP and IT editions)

SteelCentral NetAuditor
OPNET Network Planner software
(SP and IT editions)
SteelCentral NetPlanner
(SP and IT editions

SteelCentral NetCollector


  1. Earlier, the products were offered in IT and SP editions, for Enterprises and Service Providers respectively. Is this still the case?

    Answer:  No, there will be no more IT or SP distinctions in the software installers. If you had the SP versions of the software, you will continue to get those capabilities. If you would like service provider-grade capabilities, an additional module can be added into the primary product. Unlike earlier, you will not need a completely new product.
  1. I know the list of products I currently own. Which installers should I download?

    Answer: Use the following table for reference. If you choose to simply update your software version, you will retain your existing capabilities*. If you would like to upgrade your software to complete versions of the new products, please contact your sales representative for information.

Old license set Installer
IT Guru Network Planner NetPlanner
SP Guru Network Planner NetPlanner
SP Guru Transport Planner Optical Planner
IT Sentinel NetAuditor Desktop Edition + NetCollector
SP Sentinel NetAuditor Desktop Edition + NetCollector
IT NetMapper bundle NetAuditor Desktop Edition + NetCollector
NetOne NetAuditor Web (or Desktop) Edition + NetCollector +
IT Sentinel +
IT NetMapper module
NetAuditor Web (or Desktop) Edition + NetCollector
SP Sentinel +
SP NetMapper module
NetAuditor Web (or Desktop) Edition + NetCollector
IT Guru +
IT NetMapper module
NetAuditor Desktop Edition
VNE Server
(IT or SP edition)

*Apart from any features that were retired.

  1. What about IT Guru and Predictor for NetOne?

    Answer: If desired, these products can be traded up to NetPlanner. Please contact your sales representative for the trade-up.
  1. What about the AppTransaction Xpert Module licenses that I have with IT Guru or SP Guru Network Planner?

    Answer: IT Guro and SP Guru Network Planner supported the option for customers to get AppTransaction Xpert (ATX) functionality by purchasing the AppTransaction Xpert Module license (ATX Module). The replacement products for IT Guru and SP Guru Network Planner that customers migrate to will not support the STX Module license. However, there is a trade-up path that allows customers migrating to NetPlanner and/or CarrierPlanner to also migrate their ATX Module license to an ATX Standard or an ATX Plus product license. Unlike the ATX Module, ATX Standard/Plus are standalone products that use their own license and do not depend on any other product license to function. Please contact SteelCentral Product Management (RVBD-steelcentral-npcm-prod-mgmt@riverbed.com) for more information.
  2. What trade-ups are possible?

    Answer: Customers should contact their Riverbed sales representative or authorized Riverbed partner to understand if they can trade-up to complete versions of the new product(s). A trade-up will provide a greater set of capabilities with improved performance and usability. Product pages on www.riverbed.com list the primary capabilities supported by the new products.
  3. What about product support?

    Answer: We determine at our sole discretion the timing and content of any software release. Customers under current paid support agreements can obtain new versions of our software by downloading the updates from the following link on the download site: Software & Documentation.

Our software releases are designated by the form X.Y.Z (where X, Y, and Z are integers) and are characterized as follows:

Release Type Release Designator
Changes to
Release Content
Major X changes to X' which
is greater than X. Y and Z are set to zero.
Contains significant new features, and may also contain minor new features and software error corrections
Minor X does not change. Y changes to Y' which is greater than Y. Z is set to zero. Contains minor new features and may also contain software error corrections.
Patch/Fix/Maintenance X and Y do not change. Z changes to Z' which is greater than Z. Contains software error corrections (maintenance) to existing features and may occasionally contain minor new features that Riverbed elects to provide as part of the Patch/Fix/Maintenance release instead of a Minor release.

Our standard practice is to provide software support and maintenance on the following releases:

- The current or latest major or minor release of the software.
- The immediately preceding major or minor release of the software, for a period of 12 months after general customer availability of the current or latest major or minor release.
- The latest valid major or minor release for any end-of-availability appliance product or software product that has not yet reached end-of-support.

At our discretion, we may provide support for older releases. If you encounter an error in a version of the software that is other than the latest release of any type, we may require you to upgrade to a specified later version to obtain a correction of the error.




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