How can I get assistance with using Modeler if I am a university student/professor with no support contract?

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I am a university student/professor using Modeler for research/teaching. I do not have a support contract, but I would like to know some options through which I can still be successful with using Modeler. Is there an online user community for students like me?


Since a valid maintenance contract for your assets/licenses is required in order to contact Riverbed Technical Support (or even access some of the online training/tutorials), some University users who do not have maintenance contracts may not be able to leverage support services.

There are however some other resources available to university program users:

  1. You may register for an account on splash ( and post your questions to the community and/or receive responses from other Modeler users in the community.
  2. Browse our rich Knowledge Base ( to find answers to commonly asked questions.
  3. If you are new to Modeler, or just need clarification on compiler and licensing operations; please look at the getting started page on the splash user community for some hints on how to get going with your simulations in Modeler:

If you are using Modeler's flexibility to edit the underlying code for your custom protocols, you may also find numerous contributed models from other users in the research and academic communities in splash.


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