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S20828 How do I rotate the sectors' coverage in a three-sector WiMAX BS? 2013-08-20
S20830 How do I migrate custom models from previous releases to a newer release? 2013-08-20
S20632 What is the difference between total packet size and bulk packet size? 2013-08-20
S20635 How do I get the begsim intrpt attribute enabled? 2013-08-20
S20646 I created a customized pipeline stage function called abc() in a file called, but errors occur when I try to use it in one of my scenarios.Why can't I execute my simulation using a custom pipeline stage? 2013-08-20
S20659 I get error messages stating that I cannot schedule an event for the past. I don't believe that I am scheduling my events incorrectly. What could be wrong? 2013-08-20
S20660 How can I generate an example environment file (sim_attrs.ef) for running simulations? Why would I need to do this? 2013-08-20
S20662 How do I create EMA programs or static simulations on HP without a C++ compiler ? 2013-08-20
S20665 How do I use OPNET Debugger for debugging wireless models? 2013-08-20
S20677 In Weighted Fair Queuing (WFQ) model, is the data always dequeued at a rate defined by the weight or is the proportion of bandwidth for each queue defined w.r.t. the weights of queues that are not empty? 2013-08-20
S20689 What is the use of the pointing ref.phi and pointing ref.theta antenna attributes? 2013-08-20
S20692 How do I obtain the data type of an attribute in EMA? 2013-08-20
S20698 Is there a way I can see values of my process model's state variables using ODB? 2013-08-20
S20705 How can I use Purify with OPNET to debug a memory corruption, memory leak, or crash? For identical simulation runs, why does my simulation crash in different places, maybe even inside the simulation kernel? 2013-08-20
S20719 How do I configure a DPT ring to support traffic rates greater than OC12? 2013-08-20
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