ID Solution Modified
S32881 The Data Protection operation fails due to an Rprovider service restart on the Windows server 2018-12-14
S32880 Warning prefetch messages on Steelfusion Core after HA fail back 2018-12-14
S32879 Steelfusion prefetch logs may log "failed to read boot sector" for Vhdx files on HyperV 2018-12-13
S32853 On-Premise SCM is not compatible with LTE uplinks and tethering 2018-10-24
S32849 Hyper-V guest VMs are not available for data protection because Microsoft Hyper-V VSS Writer is not available on the Hyper-V server. 2018-12-14
S32848 Deletion of a partition on the virtual disk created after VM snaphost is taken shall not delete the prefetch in-memory objects of the deleted partition 2018-12-14
S32847 Disk needs to be re-initialized in case of luns are re-used from ESXi for hyper-v DP 2018-12-13
S32814 How to delete the OFFLINE agents from SteelCentral AppInternals Analysis Server? 2018-10-09
S32801 GUI access (http/https) is not working 2018-10-06
S32653 How to configure Windows Error Reporting to create a dump file for SteelCentral AppInternal agent DsaServer.exe? 2018-08-16
S32609 Does SteelCentral AppInternals 10.x support instrumenting .NET CORE applications? 2018-08-09
S32596 SteelHead admin password is reset to default value during in-field upgrade 2018-07-27
S32546 Uploading a proxy certficiate that is signed by an intermediate CA to the cloud portal 2018-07-14
S32535 Unable to generate a diagnostic bundle for an agent from SteelCentral AppInternals Analysis server webUI because of low disk space on agent disk message 2018-07-10
S32515 SteelCentral Portal 1.5.x backup script failing with "The syntax of the command is incorrect" error 2018-07-02
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